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11:08 16-10-2008
Mathias & Liesbet
Goe bezig met Gabilla en met de rest ook natuurlijk. Doe zo voort.
Hier is alles goed met de hondjes.


Liesbet en Mathias
22:44 13-10-2008
Irene Myhrvold
Thank you for your nice message in my GB. I'm looking in here often to see if there is any news regarding the puppies you expect. Wish you the best of luck with them! We are pretty busy, having 18 little ones to take care of
Take care, hugs from Norway, Irene & co
20:05 07-10-2008
Bakervill's Style
Heeeeee hallo...............
Wat een TOPPIE resultaat hebben jullie behaald met Gabilla hele maal geweldig. ViCE EUROPEAN CHAMPION and that on his age. Way to go...... YOEHOE...
Zien jullie snel en hoop dat ik dan puppen kan knuffelen.....
Liefs, Michel & Sandra
22:16 06-10-2008
Hi Tamara & Alain,

Big congratulations.


Candy & Kathi & Bozzz
23:35 02-10-2008
anthony pereira
GREAT ALAIN ! congraddulations! your doing a very good job !
you belong the the "SPECIAL ONES" in the ddb world !!
Im happy for you !
20:05 30-09-2008
Bakervill's Style
Bedankt voor het gezellige weekend.......... We hebben alleen kok André gemist......
Nou heel veel succes met jullie drachtige dame.... hoop dat we snel puppen kunnen komen knuffelen
Tot snel......
21:54 18-09-2008
Bakervill's Style
Nog gefeliciteerd met het geweldige resultaat in Luxemburg.... Evel nu ook Luxemburgs Kampioen....
Keep on going.....
Kijk uit naar het weekend in Duitsland.
Tot snel.
Michel & Sandra
16:58 10-09-2008

Nice web and wonderfull dogues - I like your males a lot

i'll add your link to my page at next up-date, please feel free to add mine as well.

All the best from Denmark

09:18 01-09-2008
Bakervill's Style
Bedankt voor de geweldige dag gister en natuurlijk niet te vergeten de fantastische resultaten.....
We hadden 6 doggies bij ons en alle 6 in de Ring of Honour, met 5 eerste plaatsen en 1 2e plaats. Nou daar mogen we toch wel trots op zijn
Tot heel snel......
23:13 17-08-2008
anthony pereira
hello !!
once again its always great to see your web site and wonderfull ddb !!
my email is
keep in touch and GOOD LUCK !!!
11:02 17-08-2008
Hello everybody,

my name is Nicole Vreden, user „Colonia" from the old
Bordeauxdoggen Forum Germany.

Ufortunately this board is offline an i have decided to activate a new
one. I would like to start an international board, where you can get and
post "shows an results" from the wohle world.

You can find us in the web: (www.)

I’m looking forward to welcome you in my new board.

Best regards
Nicole Vreden
Bordeauxdoggen Forum
15:10 15-08-2008
anthony pereira
i really love gabilla!!! great web site and beautifull ddb!
keep up your great work !!!
20:23 13-08-2008
Greetings, enjoyed visiting your site and seeing your fantastic dogues with great bloodlines. Wish you continued success with your plans and work with all your dogues.
John Hall
Stout Bordeaux
16:35 03-08-2008
andre en pascale
what a big surprise yesterday ,thank you soooo muchhhhh for the "special present' for the "special man!!!" andre and of course for the big party after........a lot of kisses and speak soon
18:44 27-07-2008
May-linda Leiråmo
Hi family!

Have a nice summer!
All the best from May-linda and Freddy
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